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DH-2 Rigging Guide

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Over There!! Or The War Is This Way...

April 29th 1918, Eddie Rickenbacker recalls the events leading up to his first

Jimmy's whereabouts.

There he was cavorting about amidst a thick barrage of black shell-bursts across the German lines. He was half-way to St. Mihiel and a mile or two in side Hun territory. Evidently he was waiting for me to discover my mistake and then overtake him, for he was having a delightful time with the Archy gunners doing loops, barrels, side-slips and spins immediately over their heads to show them his contempt for them while he waited for his comrade. Finally he came out of the Archy area with a long graceful dive and swinging up alongside my machine he wiggled his wings as though he were laughing at me and then suddenly he set a course back towards Pont-Ã*-Mousson.