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Scale Model DH-2 Rigging Guide

DH-2 Rigging Guide

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DH-2 Rigging Guide

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3D Plane Tutorial
Step 19:

Wow! You're almost done! Let's wrap this bird up so we can map it =)

Pretty much all that's left to do is to separate the control surfaces. All you need to do is select the appropriate faces and extract this.

Don't forget to close up the open faces left from the extractions. You can either do some extrudes or use the fill hole tool. If you use the "fill hole" tool, clean it up by adding some edges where the faces meet at 90* angles. Of course if the control surfaces remain static, then this step is not needed.

Awesome! I KNEW YOU COULD DO! Again there is the primitive we started with. It's almost as easy as pushing a button huh? =)

Step 20:

Ok, you're feeling pretty good now, let's ruin that by doing some UV mapping ..MUAHAHAHA!!

There are a trillion ways to do this. This is sort of a old school, down and dirty....and very tedious method.

Let's start by using the "automatic unwrap" tool. I remember back when you used to have to do this by hand, so as hard as this looks, the process has come a long way.

You should end up with something like this. I combined the entire model before unwrapping and depending on your system, you may need to do it in sections as it might take a while to complete.

Not too bad....

Step 21:

What you will do now is start grouping your UVs together in a logical order.

....continue to combine the pieces.

You can also use this time to layout your maps by using the different parts of the UV map as a guide. You will want to keep your scale consistent across the mesh as this will make lining up your textures a lot easier later.

Almost there....KEEP IT UP!

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