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Scale Model DH-2 Rigging Guide

DH-2 Rigging Guide

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DH-2 Rigging Guide

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3D Plane Tutorial
Step 21: Continued

Everything should be falling into place. You can if you want, stitch your UVs together....please refer to your manual for further info on cutting and stitching UVs together. Since the surfaces aren't going to be animated, it's not as important as say with a character model.

There, that's pretty good.

Awesome! I KNEW YOU COULD DO! The time you spend here will more than pay for its self later....believe me.

Finish off by moving your sections into positive UV space ...the green area ... take a snapshot and save...DONE! Happy texture painting all =D

It's that easy!!

Here are my finished templates.

I know some of you are saying , that's a lot of wasted space but this method allows me to make the UV layouts, nice and big. Remember, depending on your project, you will want to layout your maps accordingly. And you can always go back and re-scale them to fit on fewer maps.

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